Custom built and pre-manufactured thermal solutions 

Allied Heat Transfer’s Product Range

Our manufacturing division is split into two key areas: custom built heat exchangers and cooling systems (according to your unique requirements), and our standard line of pre-manufactured thermal solutions.

Complete Turnkey Cooling Systems

We understand that data is greatest asset Our business is Heat Transfer and everything that goes with it. We design and manufacture custom sized cooling systems based on your specific requirements, that best suits your application.

Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers

Our Shell & Tube heat exchangers are widely used for liquid to liquid and liquid to gas applications such as oil cooling, condensing, jacket water or gas cooling. Our clients are mainly from the Resources, Marine and Industrial sectors.

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

The Air Cooled Heat Exchanger (ACHE) typically consists of an element(bundle) of finned heat exchange finned tubes over which ambient air is forced or induced by axial fan(S) thereby transferring heat between the fluid within the tubes and the external air.

Air Coolers & Oil Coolers

Allied Heat Transfer will design and manufacture an Oil Cooler or Air Cooler to suit your requirements. We are committed to providing you with the best products and services possible. Trust the experts and contact us today for heavy duty or replacement oil and air coolers for sale.

Aluminium Coolers

Allied Heat Transfer coolers are made in brazing ovens and not salt baths. They are more corrosion resistant and can be rated from 150 psi to 500 psi. Each cooler is NATA tested, guaranteeing top quality. We have a large range in stock or we can create custom designs.

Industrial Radiators

At Allied Heat Transfer we design and manufacture industrial radiator cooling systems and we understand the importance of making radiators that are fit for service in the harsh Australian conditions and that is why we only use the highest quality radiator cores.

Bowman Heat Exchangers

The Bowman Heat Exchanger is a high quality exchanger that is very easy to maintain and will last the distance. The Bowman has proved its design over many years and it is not unheard of for Bowman exchanger to be in service for 20 years.

Industrial Fans

The Industrial Fan is one of the most important parts in any air-blast cooling system (oil coolers, radiators, cooling towers, etc). A good quality Industrial Fan can mean the difference between a system working or not working.

Plate Heat Exchangers

A faulty plate heat exchanger can be a production show-stopper, which is why you need 100 per cent confidence in your exchanger. To give you such confidence, Allied has become an official distributor of Swedish manufacturer, Alfa Laval.

Industrial Cooling Towers and Systems

The cooling tower transfers heat from hot water to dry air by means of convection and evaporation and are often part of a total cooling package in combination with one or more of our heat exchangers.