Simon England, Director of Engineering and his welding team at Allied Heat Transfer provided professional and pro-active service during recent repair work carried out on one of our ASME pressure vessels. Not only was the workmanship of the vessel repair first class but the technical and commercial support throughout the project was superb. Coupled with thorough post-job follow up assistance, I would certainly recommend Allied Heat Transfer as third party vendor.
01. Chris Daly | Project Engineer – Expro (INPEX) Ichthys Project.
Allied Heat Transfer completed the disassembly, clean, inspect and rebuild on the two water bath heaters on site with the works being completed ahead of schedule. The team was very professional and safety was a priority focus throughout the job, the work was completed methodically and with attention to detail. The team were well prepared and keen to complete the job to the satisfaction of the customer. Alinta will be using Allied Heat Transfer for future heat exchanger works both on and offsite.
02. Ben Cope | Operations and Maintenance Technician – Alinta Energy
On behalf of Siemens, I thank Allied Heat Transfer for assisting us on the Ichthys project in Darwin.
03. Auke Bergsma | Site I & C Engineer – Siemens Ltd
“We were trying to pull out a 30ton tube bundle off a steam generator for repair. To our surprise, we only managed to pull 12in of length before the bundle puller gave in. We even used two hydraulic spreaders 50tons each but still failed. The problem costed us 6 days of delay. Losing hope, we tried to contact AHT for an out-of-the box solution. Overnight, Neil and Don told us they knew what the problem was and provided us a detailed procedure on how to pull out the bundle. They even gave us the design faults they have experienced with these kinds of heat exchangers so we can correct them.”
04. Terence Justine B. Guevara | Reliability Engineer – PETRON.

Allied worked through the night to get this done for us.

05. Charl Lourens | BHP Billiton
If these exchangers were to fail there could be serious consequences. Synergy needed a heat exchanger manufacturer that we had confidence in, that could build exchangers that would give high reliability and longevity. Allied Heat were able to produce exchangers in time to meet our tight shut down requirements and these exchangers have been trouble free for several years now.
06. Robert Flay | Supervisor – Synergy
This letter is in appreciation for the professionalism and quality of work and engineering provided to Parker Hannifin Filtration Australia for the Chevron Australia 7 of Mercury After Filters Internals Replacement Bundles conducted between August to December 2018. We thank you and your team for the engineered internal bundles that was conducted within budget and to a significantly tightened schedule at the request of the end client. There were many challenges in engineering these 7 of stainless steel 316 bundles from the many changes from the client end to the tight tolerances considering the material used, yet AHT were able to produce and adapt to the requirements quickly along with producing at a high quality standard. We thank you for your engineering expertise and flexibility in meeting the project requirements and providing solutions for this package. Parker Filtration greatly values AHT’s ability to adapt and provide engineered solutions when challenges arise.
07. Jason Ripp | Operations Manager – Parker Hannifin Filtration Australia
Allied Heat Transfer designed and manufactured a heat exchanger package that met all our requirements for performance and serviceability on time and within budget.
08. Yaacoub Odeh | Engineering Manager – IHI Engineering Australia PTY. Ltd.
Ronan, Stuart and the Allied Heat Transfer team worked tirelessly to achieve the challenging turnaround required for retube of a pair of large air-to-air coolers for a 2.34 MW water pump motor.  They provided exceptional service, were forthcoming with information, and were flexible to meet our requirements.  They worked through a number of issues and repairs along the way without compromising a quality outcome.  This has enabled us to reinstall this motor in the time frame required, helping us avoid significant downtime costs.  Many thanks to the Allied Heat Transfer team, looking forward to working with you again.
09. Testimonial from Stanwell
Not only did Allied Heat Transfer design and fabricate the whole solution to our quite challenging problem, but they also managed to deliver it fast and accurate. We are very pleased with quality and performance of our customised Cooling Unit. Special thanks to Ronan Godkin for his input and willingness to help.
10. Alexander Malchikov | Senior Mechanical Engineer | Magnix

Being a cement factory we needed an exceptional cooling tower. We bought one of Allied’s and have covered it in dust many times. It works really well and is easy to maintain.

11. Steve Wood | Project Manager – BCG
One of my customers required a replacement Aluminium Compressor Cooler urgently due to a failure on site. I contacted Allied Heat Transfer and they manufactured a new cooler, as per dimensions supplied, and my customer was operational within days. This rapid turnaround saved the customer a significant amount of time and money in lost production as a result.
12. Dennis Smedley | Director – Rossides Bros P/L

Our Clients

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