This letter is in appreciation for the professionalism and quality of work and engineering provided to Parker
Hannifin Filtration Australia for the Chevron Australia 7 of Mercury After Filters Internals Replacement Bundles
conducted between August to December 2018.

We thank you and your team for the engineered internal bundles that was conducted within budget and to a
significantly tightened schedule at the request of the end client. There were many challenges in engineering
these 7 of stainless steel 316 bundles from the many changes from the client end to the tight tolerances
considering the material used, yet AHT were able to produce and adapt to the requirements quickly along with
producing at a high quality standard.

We thank you for your engineering expertise and flexibility in meeting the project requirements and providing
solutions for this package. Parker Filtration greatly values AHT’s ability to adapt and provide engineered
solutions when challenges arise.

We look forward to working with AHT again in the future.