On Site Project Work

The purpose of having on site project work is to repair, rebuild, re-tube and/or replace at your site to international standards.

  1. Plate Heat Exchangers
  2. Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  3. Oil Coolers
  4. Aluminium Oil Coolers
  5. Steel Coolers
  6. Industrial Radiators
  7. Aftercoolers
  8. Booster Coolers
  9. Compressed Air Coolers
  10. Industrial Fans

All work carried out at your site is in accordance with written work instructions as per ISO 9001 and testing is in accordance with the Australian Standard, NATA test certificates are issued when requested.

On site project work means no transport costs, no remove or replace costs and reduced down time.

All work comes with a failure analysis and performance report.

For enquiries please contact:
Perth: 08 9455 5933
Brisbane: 07 3375 1544
After hours: 0407 449 966