Cooling Systems Analysis & Upgrade

Our in-depth knowledge coupled with our commitment to reliable service enables us to offer cost-effective solutions to our clients, so you can enjoy great savings on your cooling bills for years to come.

Analysis and upgrade of industrial and commercial cooling systems

The analyses of existing heat exchangers and industrial cooling systems with our diagnostic equipment, while the equipment is still in service, have provided significant benefits for our customers. 

The problem solving of existing installations can be carried out with both thermal and mechanical checking available from Allied Heat Transfer.

How we analyse the performance of your cooling system

We use a variety of test equipment to map the actual operating conditions of an installation and use HTRI software for the analysis.


HTRI is the most internationally recognised method of performing these type of analyses. We can then provide an accurate report on how the unit is performing and why.

Allied Heat Transfer operates a quality management system accredited by Det Norske Veritas and is an accredited NATA test facility for pressure Vessels. In addition to the quality and mechanical testing systems the company operates to stringent health and safety and environmental policies.

Upgrading your heat exchanger or cooling system

Modifications to existing heat exchangers or industrial cooling systems that may be derived from our analyses can be undertaken at our workshop in order to produce higher performance and service reliability. Changes made can be verified by performing follow up tests on site.

Further to this, air cooled heat exchanger performance can be simulated in-house on our air cooled heat exchanger test unit which provides accurate performance results from tests of scale model versions of existing equipment. By fitting a scale model to the test unit we can simulate various scenarios and report on the measured performance of the exchanger with changes to air flow, fluid flow, construction types, operating temperatures and more.

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