On-site Chemical cleaning of heat transfer and associated equipment.

We understand that it is not always feasible to remove an exchanger from service and send it to a workshop for cleaning so we offer the services of a dedicated and highly experienced specialist crew available to chemically clean your Heat Exchanger at your site.

Cleaning can be carried out on:

  1. Shell & Tube Exchangers
  2. Plate Exchangers
  3. Fin Fan Radiators
  4. Pressure Vessels
  5. Steam Boilers (Water Tube or Fire Tube)
  6. Process Pipe-work

The crew will turn up at your site with all of the required cleaning equipment and chemical, carry out the cleaning, remove and dispose of the used chemical and provide You with a condition report.

All operators adhere to a strict Environmental Policy so you can rest assured that any chemical used in the cleaning of your exchangers will be disposed of correctly.

The team can also carry out a pre-cleaning diagnosis if required and may be able to offer recommendations and advice on extending service intervals or improving performance.

The aim is to improve the performance of your process equipment with minimal disruption to the operation of your plant.