Our professional heat transfer and industrial cooling services


We Design Heat Exchangers and Cooling Systems

On Site Project Work

The purpose of having on site project work is to repair, rebuild, re-tube and/or replace at your site to international standards.

Cooling Systems Analysis & Upgrade

The problem solving of existing installations can be carried out with both thermal and mechanical checking.

Chemical Cleaning

We understand that it is not always feasible to remove an exchanger from service and send it to a workshop for cleaning.

Maintenance Workshop

The aim of our service workshop in Perth, WA is to prolong the service life of the heat exchangers sent to us by our customers

Thermal Consultancy

We design and manufacture heat transfer equipment such as heat exchangers, industrial radiators, coolers and cooling systems.

Pressure Vessel Inspections

We know pressure vessels. Our AICIP accredited inspectors are highly experienced pressure vessel designers and fabricators.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

We first started using ultrasonics to clean heat exchangers that were impossible to clean with normal methods and exchangers that had difficult to reach areas.