Industrial Radiators

Allied Heat Transfer delivers tailor-made cooling solutions that can improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and meet your diverse needs. We also carry and test all brand names of tubes, which means we can not only customize your equipment but also procure the best products possible for your requirements.

Industrial Radiators

At Allied Heat Transfer we design and manufacture industrial radiator cooling systems and we understand the importance of making radiators that are fit for service in the harsh Australian conditions and that is why we only use the highest quality radiator cores.

The range of applications and environments that our radiators are used in are varied which is why we need to use a range of radiator cores. We have radiator cores suited to offshore and salt laden environments, such as Drill Rig, Agricultural, Mine Site, Refinery, Factories, Rail, Transport, Power Generation and more.

Radiators for use where there are high dust and debris levels in the cooling air require open finned radiators which are less likely to block up and are easier to clean.

High ambient cooling air temperatures may necessitate the use of copper/brass radiators or compact aluminium. Earthmoving equipment and drill rigs require heavy wall compact aluminium radiators and steel radiators where damage is possible.

Steel tube and alloy fins are used in horizontal radiator packages for large process applications and steel tubed copper finned are used in higher pressure duties. High efficiency radiator cores, easy clean cores, low pressure drop cores all require different tube / fin type. No one radiator core suits all applications and that’s why we use different radiator cores for different radiator cooling applications.

Low Noise Radiators

Once the optimum radiator type is selected we combine it with the most efficient fan and motor assembly for the highest radiator performance with lowest noise levels and power requirements. The radiator or radiators with the fan and motor assembly are then fitted to our air plenum and a frame which can be vertical, horizontal, V Pack or similar configuration. Low noise radiators and low noise cooling systems are available.

The cooling air may be forced or induced draught with direct or remote motor drive and are designed to eliminate air recirculation.

Replacement Radiators

In addition to complete cooling radiator systems we also make replacement radiators for existing cooling systems and can often offer cores better suited to the operator’s specific environment. The service, cleaning, repair and re-coring of industrial radiators is also available.

Our design capability enables us to offer our customers advice on radiators and cooling system problem solving so that Allied Heat Transfer clients are never without back-up service.

Whether the need is for a complete radiator cooling system, a radiator alone or the repair and re-core of industrial radiators we work hard to offer excellent service to those who choose to be our customers.