Industrial Cooling Towers and Systems

The cooling tower transfers heat from hot water to dry air by means of convection and evaporation and are often part of a total cooling package in combination with one or more of our heat exchangers.

In addition to new cooling towers we offer:

  1. Inspection of existing towers
  2. A repair / rebuild service
  3. Upgrades
  4. New fill packs
  5. Installation / maintenance advice
  6. Replacement fan and new motors options

We can produce a complete “turnkey” system with the cooling tower, heat exchanger, water pumps, fan motor, fluid temperature controllers, variable speed fan drives, pressure and temperature gauges, automatic water treatment, all mounted on one galvanised skid needing only connection to power and water.

Our Cooling Tower systems are made for Australian conditions. They are easily maintained and fully comply with Australian Standard 3666.

The cooling towers are built with safety in mind as well as performance. Very low noise level cooling towers are available.

Bacteria can reach dangerous levels in untreated cooling tower systems so it is vital that the possibility for bacterial growth is limited.

We can supply semi-automatic water treatment systems however it is the combination of good cooling tower design, correct water treatment and routine maintenance that make a healthy operating environment.