Our company designs, manufactures and maintains heat exchangers, pressure vessels, air cooled heat exchangers and complete cooling systems.

Using the latest HTRI thermal design software we are able to provide thermal designs for new installations and projects or model changes to existing processes and vessels. We have various in house test equipment such as an Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Test Unit which allows us to physically test and record the heat transfer capabilities of any air cooled heat exchanger. We are able to use this information to either verify existing modelling techniques and also to develop new, more accurate methods. Mechanical designs can be performed to any recognised standard, such as AS1210 or ASME VIII.

We are able to manufacture heat exchangers either from existing information or from designs developed in house. New units are manufactured in line with any required standards such as AS1210, TEMA or API. Full traceability of all designs, components, manufacturing methods and tests is provided through our SAP software which allows this to be done with a single number.

All work is done in accordance with our DNV certified AS/ISO 9001 Quality System, AS/ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and AS 4801 Health and Safety Systems.

Testing of the vessels is conducted in our National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited test facility and full compliance test certificates can be issued.

Maintenance of existing units can also be performed to all the above standards. We are flexible in our work schedule and can organise a plan around the required time frame, for example we have initiated shift work for a heat exchanger from GWA that needed a turn-around of around one week for a full re-tube.

We have staff available for offshore visits with MSIC card, IFAP and HUET training who are able to visit site to investigate problems or provide quotes for units before they are removed from service.