The Mining sector is vital to our company and is where we forged our reputation by providing reliable, robust heat transfer products that provide the high performance required performance in Australia’s harsh environments.

New Projects

By utilising the most up to date design theory and methods we are able to provide the ideal solution to your heat transfer problems with capabilities that include in-house thermal and mechanical design, drafting and manufacture.

Decades of experience in providing solution based packages means that we can assist with any and all stages from concept design through to commissioning.


Our maintenance workshop is setup to provide FAST turnaround for any of your repair, refurbishment or cleaning requirements. We regularly perform cleaning and maintenance work on all sizes and shapes of heat exchange equipment, from Shell & Tube exchangers to Industrial sized Radiators to Cooling Towers and Fans.


With our in-depth knowledge of heat transfer theory, practical construction methods, and our range of test equipment we can investigate and solve problems that you may be facing with existing heat transfer equipment.

We can perform on site audits of equipment that is not working satisfactorily and will provide reasons and suggest solutions. Different scenarios can be modelled in order to predict the effect of any change prior to any physical work being undertaken.