We have been supplying cooling equipment and advice to the hydraulics industry for over 10 years, we have a great knowledge and understanding of the special requirements faced by hydraulic systems.

Our capabilities are not only in the supply of oil coolers from our extensive range of off the shelf products; we also have a highly skilled maintenance workshop, as well as a design team capable of providing tailor made solutions and custom packages.

We are constantly improving our existing products and developing new ones. With our Thermal Test Unit we are constantly furthering the designs of our standard products as well as any custom units. All of our air cooled units are performance tested prior to being shipped, this ensures that the performance you require is the performance you will get.

By testing each design we are able to reduce the power required to drive the fan, there-by reducing running costs. We are also able to design the package for optimum efficiency reducing initial costs, noise and running costs.

By dealing with Allied Heat Transfer you get access not only to highly experienced thermal and mechanical design staff, but also to our large range of stock products. We have off the shelf units for both air/oil cooling duties and water/oil cooling duties.

Our range of Bowman water/oil cooling units are proven performers in the field, with units still in use after seeing 20 years service in a salt water environment so you can be sure they will go the distance.

It costs no more to deal with us, our coolers are very attractively priced and we support the hydraulics industry with discounts on stocked items. Our product catalogue is available on this website, however if you prefer we can send a personalised hard copy with your company logo on each page.

Our service workshop can take care of your servicing requirements, whether they be a quick clean and test on a small hydraulic oil cooler, or a complete rebuild of a cooling package including balancing the fan, overhauling the motor and blasting/re-coating the steel work.