29 Sep 2010

Fatigue Testing of coolersA new cyclic fatigue test machine has been commissioned at Allied Heat Transfer.

Obviously in a business that manufactures heat exchangers and pressure vessels the testing of product is of critical importance.

Finished product is tested in accordance with the applicable international standard and our compliance with the test procedure is certified by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).

In addition to hydrostatic testing and when required we also carry out the hot testing of units to imitate the operating conditions of the vessel, heat exchanger or oil cooler. This process can only be carried out within certain size limitations or by representative sample.

Allied Heat Transfer also has the capability to carry out in-house destructive testing of representative samples when required, and regularly undertakes complete run tests of cooling systems by means of our hydraulic test bench or by electric motors.

The newly commissioned Cyclic Test machine subjects a sample to continued pressure loading and unloading. The object is to assess pressure induced fatigue limits so as to give certainty to clients with regards to expected service live. Further it enables us to guarantee that our products will perform reliably in real world conditions.

Cyclic testing is carried out in line with the international standard for fatigue testing of pressure-containing envelopes used in hydraulic fluid power systems under sustained steady cyclic internal pressure loads.

The heat exchanger, cooler, radiator or pressure vessel from Allied Heat Transfer is TESTED.