23 Jul 2020

“Allied Heat Transfer completed the disassembly, clean, inspect and rebuild on the two water bath heaters on site with the works being completed ahead of schedule. The team was very professional, safety was a priority focus throughout the job, and the work was completed methodically and with attention to detail. The team were well prepared […]

07 Jul 2020

AHT have received further backing by the Federal Government through the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund (MMF). The fund gives support to Australia manufacturing business to modernise facilities with the view of creating jobs and enhancing the value of Australia made products within Australia and Overseas. Australian Federal Senator, Mathew O’Sullivan commented, “Allied Heat Transfer have just […]

15 Oct 2018

Allied Heat Transfer have recently collaborated with Concept Engineering in order to provide our customers with the latest turbulator technology resulting in a quantum increased efficiencies for our heat exchangers. Concept Engineering provide the widest range of In-Tube and On-Tube Heat Transfer Solutions. They are renown for reducing heat transfer footprint, in size, cost and […]

18 May 2018

Did you know that your high pressure coolers may fall under the Australian Pressure Vessel Legislation? At Allied Heat Transfer we have in house accredited Pressure Vessel Inspectors and Engineers that will assist you in determining the legislative requirements applicable to your in service coolers and how to meet them. Analysis of the application will […]