26 Apr 2013
Our Terms and Conditions have been changed principally to reflect the enactment of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 and the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 ( including the Australian Consumer Law). There are also updates to reflect our understanding of prevailing industry practice in respect of warrenty claims, delivery practices and other issues, some [...]
12 May 2012
In June 2011 Allied Heat Transfer determined the need to expand our existing in house service division, originally located at our manufacturing work shop, to a dedicated service work shop. Subsequently the service work shop has prospered into a competent part of Allied Heat Transfer and is currently managed by Peter Brady who was a [...]
12 May 2012
Allied Heat Transfer has recently implemented an online cooler selection program that allows users to design a cooler to match their particular needs, determine the performance of a known cooler, calculate the cooling requirements for their system, and to access our online unit converter. Users have the option to download generated performance specification sheets, 2D [...]
29 Sep 2010
A new cyclic fatigue test machine has been commissioned at Allied Heat Transfer. Obviously in a business that manufactures heat exchangers and pressure vessels the testing of product is of critical importance. Finished product is tested in accordance with the applicable international standard and our compliance with the test procedure is certified by the National [...]
13 Apr 2010
With this piece of equipment Allied Heat Transfer can test the performance of air cooled heat exchangers and plot the performance; allowing testing of existing units as well as refining the design of new units. Reductions in size, weight, noise and cost of air cooled heat exchangers is expected through the use of this equipment. [...]