Allied Heat Transfer is a heat exchange company that specialises in efficient, sustainable and locally manufactured thermal solutions.


We Design Heat Exchangers and Cooling Systems. Our Solutions are based on having an in depth understanding of your requirements delivering to you the highest quality heat transfer products at the most attractive prices.

Our engineering team ensure that all plans comply to relevant standards and regulations. We are your partner from start to finish ensuring all aspects of your project are complete.

Allied Heat Transfer’s design capability includes Thermal Calculations, Mechanical Calculations and Air Flow Calculations. Applicable codes and standards include AS1200, AS1210, AS1170 ,AS1554, AS1665, AS3992, AS4037, AS4458, ASME Section VIII. Div 1, ASME Section 1, API, TEMA.

Our company utilises the latest engineering software, such as HTRI’s Xchanger Suite, PV Elite, and FEA modelling. All exchangers are modelled using Solidworks so we can provide you with PDF drawings, 2D drawings or 3D models to allow you to design your system to suit.


Our manufacturing has two main practices; the custom build of heat exchangers and cooling systems and the standard line of pre-manufactured products, such as our range of shelf line coolers and heat exchangers.

At Allied Heat Transfer, we generally build the cooling systems that we have designed for our clients. We also, however, are often called upon by clients to build from an existing drawing or asked to visit the job site and draw up an existing exchanger for fabrication.

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We Clean, repair and re-build all heat exchangers

Allied Heat Transfer are here to assist you when it comes to looking after your existing heat exchangers and can help with all maintenance, replacement and cleaning needs. We can visit your site and carry out maintenance work on your exchanger at your convenience or you can send your heat exchanger to us where we can do the work in our workshop.

If your exchanger or cooling system is not producing at its peak performance, or operating differently to its design with pressures that are too high or too low – we can assist by determining the cause and providing you with the best solution.

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