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of Heat Exchangers and Industrial Air Coolers in Australia

Why Allied Heat Transfer

Allied Heat Transfer was founded in January 2000 by a group of heat transfer specialists whose aim is to provide for industry the highest quality heat transfer products at the most attractive prices.

An Australian company determined to excel in the field of Heat Transfer equipment Design, Manufacture and Maintenance. The company has the ability in-house to design and manufacture complete industrial cooling and heat transfer systems with a range of heat exchanger products that includes Oil Coolers, Industrial Radiators, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Air Coolers, Plate Heat Exchangers and Cooling Towers.

The three founding directors & shareholders have combined over 80 years of experience in the heat exchanger industry with one of the directors involved in the committees responsible for the formulation of the Australian Heat Exchanger Code AS 1210 [Pressure Vessels]. The company has the engineering depth for complex heat transfer problems and code conformance requirements with design capabilities that include AS 1210, AS 1228, ASME VIII and PD 5500.




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Chemical Cleaning

On-site Chemical cleaning of heat transfer and associated equipment.

We understand that it is not always feasible to remove an exchanger from service and send it to a workshop for cleaning so we offer the services of a dedicated and highly experienced specialist crew available to chemically clean your Heat Exchanger at your site.


Cooling Systems Analysis & Upgrade

Allied Heat Transfer can conduct a full analysis fo yourIndustrial Cooling Systems and recommned bespoke improvements and solutions. The problem solving of existing installations can be carried out with both thermal and mechanical checking available from our company.

The analyses of existing heat exchangers and Industrial Cooling systems with our diagnostic equipment whilst the equipment is still in service have provided significant benefits for our custom


Maintenance Workshop

We clean, repair, re-build, modify and replace Heat Transfer equipment. The design ability we have within our company means that we can calculate the effect of changes that we might have to make when repairing, as an example, if we have to blank off tubes to prevent leaking then we can usually advise what effect that change will have on performance


Thermal Consultancy

We offer consultancy services relating to both Thermal and Mechanical design. Our range of capabilities includes thermal modelling using HTRI software, CFD modelling and CAD design. Air cooled heat exchangers can be both modelled and physically tested in our workshop and on our Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Test Unit


Pressure Vessel Inspections

Our AICIP accredited Inspectors are highly experienced pressure vessel designers and fabricators. As a trusted manufacturer we understand all aspects of Pressure Vessel Codes & Standards as well as all manufacturing & welding techniques and the material selection processes that go into building a pressure vessel best suited to your application and your operating environment.

We know Pressure Vessels.


Ultrasonic Cleaning

We first started using ultrasonics to clean heat exchangers that were impossible to clean with normal methods and exchangers that had difficult to reach areas.


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